Absences and Tardiness

Please call if you are going to be more than 15 minutes late or early in picking up your child. This will give me time to get your child ready to leave when you arrive.  If your child is going to be absence please call me, so I can adjust my child care plans for the day. All absences are paid regardless of the reason.


Admission and Registration Procedures

In order for children to be in my home and in my care, Colorado State law requires certain papers for each child to be on file including (All paperwork needs to be turned in on the first day of care):


1.   Child Registration Form
2.   Immunization Record or Exemption
3.   General Health Appraisal Form
4.   Emergency Medical Release /Consent for Field Trips Form
5.   Childcare Contract


Arrival and Departure

Each child must be signed in and out of child care home. Your child will only be released to a person who is authorized to pick them up as designated on their Admission Record. If someone different will be picking up your child, I need to know this in advance. If you do not let me know of this change in advance, I will not allow the child to leave with this person until I make contact with you and get your permission.  If I have never met the person who will be picking up your child, please inform them that I will check identification.  If I feel that the person who arrives to pick up a child is intoxicated or impaired in any way that will endanger the safety of the child, I will not release the child to this person. I will then notify the parent of the situation, and other arrangements will have to be made for picking up the child.  If a child is not picked and no parent can be reached or has called me ½ an hour after closing time, I will call the Larimer County Department of Social Services.


Care of Property and Personal Items

Intentional abuse that results in the breakage of property at my home may require reimbursement from the parent.  This will depend on the situation at hand, cost of item, etc.  Please remind your child that toys should be played with in a respectful and loving manner.


Your child is welcome to bring toys to share but keep special belongings at home, because I cannot be responsible for broken or lost items.  Please keep all weapon toys (guns, swords, knives, etc.) and toys that have weapons on them at home.  If your child is having trouble sharing or keeping track of toys brought from home. I will then ask that they no longer bring them or put them in their pack back for the remainder of the day.


In order to keep infants and young children safe please keep all chock able items at home this includes gum, candy, coins, and small hair barrettes at home.


All personal items such as shoes, coats, hats, and gloves are need to participate in outdoor activities please do not purchase expensive clothing articles, because I can not be responsible for these items if they are lost.



Please dress your child in inexpensive, comfortable clothes and velcro shoes for play.  The children will need appropriate clothing for outside play, we do go outside when there is snow and rain to experience the weather and play!  If the temperature is below 32 degrees children the age of 2 and younger do not go outside. Children that are potty trained will need a swimsuit for water play, the younger children will play in their diaper. 


Parents are responsible for providing infants with the following items: a new portable crib, diaper monitor, diapers, wipes, ointment, medication such as Tylenol and baby oral gel, change of clothing, a blanket that will stay in this environment, a bib, formula, and baby food.  Medications will be stored in a safe place away from the other children, please put their name on the original OTC bottle.


Toddlers and up will need inexpensive and appropriate seasonal clothing and shoes, change of clothing, shoes with Velcro only, diapers, pull-up, and/or underwear/panties,  sunscreen, toothbrush(optional), and  insect repentant (if needed). Please apply sunscreen and repellent on your child before coming to childcare, I will reapply if needed. If your child brings a bike, scooter, or scoot bike please bring the appropriate gear for the activity.


Emergency Procedures


I will notify local authorities any disasters such fire, tornado, gas leak, or other emergencies I cannot control by calling 911. For fires we will exit the house through the front door, and meet by the stop sign. We when will exit through the basement window or the back door we will meet by the tree in the east corner of the fence.I will call all parents to notify them in case of an emergency of any kind as soon as I possibly can. I will have emergency numbers in my cell phone, by my landline, and in my wagon, this will be update list twice a year.


Field Trips

Our field trips are a family adventure they are typically scheduled on the weekend so the whole family can attend; this is a great time for all the families to get to know everyone. The field trip coincides with the curriculum, which is an important learning tool for the children. Typically we venture to the Butterfly Pavilion in the spring to see all the beautiful butterflies, and in the fall we go to the Miller farm to pick vegetables.


We take a mini field trip to the Troutman Park everyday that the weather permits. The kids are walking, scootering, biking, roller blading, or riding in my garden wagon to get to the park. I will provide riders with a helmet to use, if you want the child to wear wrist protection, knee and elbow pads please bring those items I will not provide them.  In the winter we take sleds and go sledding on a small hill at the park. The kids learn that we have to keep ourselves safe by staying with the group we stay on the sidewalk as much as possible. The kids are always in my sight when we are at the park.



Every child will either be bitten or bite another child it is part of the learning and growing process that every child must go through. I will try to minimize these incidents as much as possible but they will happen.


For instance this is how a typical biting, pushing, or hitting episode is handled:


  • I address the victim first (which models empathy  for the other children) I will comfort through hugging and kissing until the child has calmed down enough to use his/her own words, then I will say, “I see that you are very sad, was Joey not keeping you safe? I see that you have calm down would you like to tell Joey how you are feeling?”

  • The victim is encouraged to use his/her words to address the attacker if the victim is too young to have words I become an ambassador for that child.

  • Attacker is removed to a quiet table and given activities so he or she can regain his/her composure.

  • Once the Attacker has regained his/her composure I will use the word “Joey do you think you can keep the other kids safe?”  At this point the child will return to the group.


Logical consequences such as using markers on walls:


  • I will verbal make a statement “I see that you have not been keeping my walls safe, oh no, it looks like you need to clean up the mess.” I will then hand them a rag to clean up the mess.

  • Since you made a choice of not keeping the walls safe, I have to. You are done playing with markers today.
    Bummer maybe next time you will make a better choice.

  • If child is sad I will tell that it is ok to be sad about choices we make. I will then give them a place to be sad.


I am licensed by the State of Colorado, Department of Human Services, Division of Child Care, 1575 Sherman Street, First Floor, Denver Co. 80203-1714; 1-303-866-5958; License number 92350. The Rules and Regulations for Family Child Care Home can be viewed on the Colorado Department of Human Services website: www.cdhs.state.co.us/childcare. As a licensed Childcare provider I have report any suspect of child abuse or neglect to the Larimer County Child Protection Agency, 1-970-679-4490.


Illness Policy


  • Influenza the child needs to be fever free with out medication for 24 hours

  • •Pink eye the child can return to group care 24 hours after the first treatment

  • •Hand, foot, and mouth disease exclusive is not necessary EXCEPT children with weeping sores, blisters in the mouth and fever

  • •Diarrhea and/or explosive diapers the child needs to have one normal bowel movement before returning group care

  • •Fever, average body temperature is between 97.6 to 99.5 degrees F, the child can return when fever free for 24 hours

  • •Head lice or scabies child can return 24 hours after been treated

  • •Body rash with fever the child can return when fever free for 24 hours

  • •Ringworm child may return once treatment starts

  • •Strep throat the child may return 24 hours after treatment starts

  • •Stomach flu the child may return 24 hours after the last incident

  • E coli the child can return to group care once the child has tested negative

  • Inconsolable crying the infant can return to care when he\she can self play


If your child becomes ill at my home, I will keep him/her isolated away from the rest of the children until he/she can be picked up. Please notify me if your child has been exposed to a contagious disease. I will notify parents of any contagious disease that their child has been exposed by email or verbally.



I will need proof that your child has been immunized before they will be allowed to enter into care. If there is a special circumstance to where you choose not to have your child immunized, it will be handled on an individual basis.


Increase in Tuition

The tuition rates are subject to increase on a yearly basis. I will notify you of any tuition increase at least four weeks before it occurs.


Late Fees

Late fees of $2 per minute past the scheduled business hours are charged for any child that is not picked up at the scheduled time unless prior arrangements have been made. Payment is due upon arrival or before the child can be admitted back into childcare.


Meals and Snacks

I provide federally approved meals and snacks.  Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack will be served to all the children. Water is provided continually throughout the day except to infants.   I have cycle menus which are available for review by you at anytime.


For children less than 12 month of age, all new foods will be introduced in the home environment first, but I will need written parent permission to introduce them to new foods.  Parents will provide all food for infants except cereal until they start eating table foods. Please inform me of any know or possible food allergies your child may have on his/her Admission Record.


Transition from the bottle/breast feeding will happen when the infant is developmentally ready approximately around the age of 6-8 months old. In the home environment and here the child will be introduced to the sipper cup at meals time before food is offered. Than a gradual transition from bottle to sipper cup will happen over a period of 2-3 months.


Media Use

There will be no more that one hour of television /videos/CD/computer watched each day. All programs will be either educational or rated for Children. Videos with a G or PG rating maybe watched by school age children during quiet time and may exceed this time limit. Children are allowed to bring videos/CDs to share that coordinate with our curriculum or to watch at quiet time as long as they are G or PG rated. No child is forced to watch any television or video/CD that they do not want to. Written parental authorization is needed.



Over-the-counter (OTC)
Over-the-counter medications administered in the childcare require written authorization from the health care provider and parent written permission, which on the Health Status Form filled out by the health care provider. OTC cough and cold medications should not be used for infants and children under age 2 because of the risk of life threatening side effects.


OTC ointments and creams such as sunscreen, lip balm, skin creams, and diaper ointments that are used for preventive purposes need only written permission  from the parent on the Topical Preparation (preventive) Permission Form.  Sunscreen is applied before coming to childcare in the morning by the parent, and reapplied if as necessary according to the manufactures specifications by myself at the appropriate time. Infants will be kept out of the sun and wear a hat until they are old enough to wear sunscreen.


Herbal and homeopathic medications
Will not be administrated in the child care facility; they are not included in my Medication Administration Training.


Prescription Medications
Prescription medications require a written authorization by a person with prescriptive authority.


All medications (prescriptive and OTC) needs to contain the following:

  • Child’s Name

  • •Name of medication

  • •Current date

  • •Dosage

  • •How to administer(route)

  • •Time medication needs to be given while in care

  • •Start date and end date

  • •Reason for the medicine

  • •Side effects

  • •Special instructions or storage information


Naps and Quiet Time

For both your child’s well being, as well as mine, all children will be expected to rest.  Naps will be between the hours of 2:00 to 4:00.  For school children (ages 5 and up) who do not take naps, movies, books, games or other quite activities will be provided.   If your school aged child falls asleep during the quiet activity they will be allowed to rest uninterrupted.


Each child will be provided with their own mat, pillows and blanket. Bedding will be laundered on a regular basis.  If your child likes to sleep with a special blanket or stuffed animal, please feel free to bring it for nap-time.


Based on the Guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics, I have adopted the following Infant Safe Sleep Policy:


  • All infants under the age of 12 month shall be placed on their backs for sleeping. Once an infant is able to easily turn over from the back position to the stomach position, they will be allowed to adopt whatever position they prefer for sleep.

  • •Each infant will have their safety-approved porta-crib.

  • •All pillows, quilts, comforters, stuffed toys and other soft products such as positioning devices will not be in the

  • porta-crib.

  • •No bottles allowed during naptime.

  • •A wearable blanket will be used to keep infant warm.

  • •A Physician’s note must be on file if there are any deviations from the above policy.


Natural Disasters


Depending on the circumstance of Natural Disaster, we will use one of the following protective actions:

Immediate evacuation: Students are evacuated to a safe area on the grounds of the facility in the event of a fire, flood, tornado, gas leak , and etc. During a winter storm I will keep the children safe and warm until parents can get their children 

In-place sheltering: Sudden occurrences, weather or hazardous materials related, may dictate that taking cover inside the building is the best immediate response.

Evacuation: Total evacuation of the facility may become necessary if there is a danger in the area. In this case, children will be taken to a relocation faciliy. Emergency Relocation Facility at (Lopez Elementary or nearest facility dictated by the city). If it ever becomes necessary to relocate, a sign will be posted on the door stating which facility we’ve gone to.  Please listen to our local radio/television stations for announcements relating any of the emergency actions listed above.


Any special needs for any child will be discussed with parents and the child will receive the recommend accommodations during the evacuations listed above



Notification of Accidents

If an accident occurs in which I feel your child needs immediate medical attention, I will call 911 first and then try to reach you. If your child falls and I feel stitches may be need, I will call you and have you take them to the doctor. I must report all incidents that require outside medical attention to the Sate and may need written documentation provided by your doctor in these cases. In the event that an emergency occurs with your child and I am unable to reach you or an emergency contact within 6 hours of the incident, I am obligated to contact the Larimer County Department of Social Services.


Potty Training

Potty training will be initiated in your home environment first, please notify me when the child has been successful peeing in the toilet for a week. Then I will try to sit the child on my toilet after nap time, if the child resist and/or gets upset I will wait for one/two weeks before trying again. Once the child has been successful in both environments, then they can transition to pull-ups. The child needs to be successful for one full week in pull-ups in my environment then we will have a Big girl/boy Party which will be celebrated on the next day. On the day of the celebration the child can wear big kid panties/underwear for the first time. If they child has an accident, then pull-up will be used for the remainder of that day. The parent is responsible for any treats that they might want to bring for the party. Yay now they have graduated to being a Big boy/girl!!!


Problems or Concerns

Your views and concerns about how I am caring for your child are a very important to me. If you have any questions or problems concerning policies or care PLEASE don’t hesitate to discuss it with me. You can call me after childcare hours or between 2 pm-4pm. Please feel free to email me at07nicechck@gmail.com  with any problems. Your views and concerns about how I am caring for your child are very important to me.


Special Needs

Reasonable accommodations will be made for children with disabilities, as long as the accommodations do not fundamentally after my child care program.


Substitute Care

If I have an appointment, class, or emergency, I will hire a substitute to come into my home to care for the children. I try to plan appointments during quiet-time if possible. I will let you know, in all cases, who will be caring for your child in advance. In case of an emergency situation, you will be notified as soon as possible that I have brought in a substitute.


If I become ill and cannot care for the children, your will have to find a substitute care for your children. In this event, I will give you as much notice as I possibly can. It is a good idea to have a back up person in mind in case of a sick day for myself.


I offer a referral to other childcare providers if a client needs help in finding substitute care. It is up to the client to interview the referral and agree to all policy and procedures of the childcare provider if the decide to use them as a back up provider. Payment to substitute provider will be on the first day of care for the days needed.


Vacations/Personal Days:  I’ll notify parents one month before any vacation time is taken. If there is the availability of a substitute being available I will try to make arrangements for a sub to come into the environment, at an addition cost to the parents. If your scheduled day is on a personal day it will be paid up to 5 days.



I typically do not transport children, if I happen to the parent will have to supply the child’s car seat, which I will install.


Trial and Transition Period

A two-week trial period will exist before arrangements are finalized. During this time I will make the transition for current care to my care as smoothly as possible by the use of a gradual entry procedure. A gradual entry procedure includes a part-day experience with the parent the stay which can last from 15 minutes to 1 hour; this will provide a positive experience in the group environment.  If time is available the next visit usually is without the parent and only for 1/2 of day, then the first full-day of care without parent. The adjustment period is shorter and separation behaviors are decreased for the child and adult when a gradual entry is used. Parental techniques to assist a positive entry into the childcare environment:


  • Forecast day to child

  • Don’t sneak away

  • Routine for dropping off child

  • Consistent drop off and pick up times

  • Don’t bribe child

  • Expect child to more tired and irritable then usual for the first weeks

  • Prepare child by reading books about going to school

  • Transitional objects: blankets, toy, or cup

  • Expect a child to cry when leaving and also at pick-up time



The tuition for your child care is stated in your contract. All contracted days, personal days, holidays will be paid regardless of attendance. Tuition will be paid each Monday morning for the coming week of care unless other arrangements have been made and are stated in your contract.


Vacations/Personal Days

I’ll notify parents one month before any vacation time is taken. If there is the availability of a substitute being available I will try to make arrangements for a sub to come into the environment, at an addition cost to the parents. If your scheduled day is on a personal day it will be paid up to 5 days.